Are you a Social Housing provider looking for support to improve the energy efficiency of your housing stock?

OPC can help. The Energy Efficiency Standard for Social Housing (EESSH) requires Social Housing providers to achieve SAP rating targets for specified house types by 2020, with new targets being set up to 2050. To achieve these targets, you may need to plan improvement programmes, identify funding support and overcome barriers, such as when owner occupiers block works.

One Planets Consultants Ltd (OPC) has a proud history of providing solutions and advice on renewable energy for Social Housing providers.

We have worked closely with many Housing Associations, Local Authorities and Registered Social Landlords, delivering programmes on a range of retrofit and new build projects over many years, these installations have benefited both the organisations involved and their residents and leaseholders.

We are a solution provider; our aim is to deliver the most cost effective solution by taking a holistic approach to any project ensuring that we consider all of the possible challenges that we may encounter when presenting suitable and cost effective solutions. OPC can provide solutions for Social Housing Providers to improve heating standards and help reduce the ongoing fuel poverty difficulties within our society.

Every project is tailored to meet each organisation’s specific requirements and goals.

We will meet those requirements by fostering a close working relationship with all relevant parties from Asset Managers to the Residents. This could aid;

  • Stock value Improvement
  • Income Generation from Renewable Energy Installations
  • Improved relations through support and discussion over improved quality of life.
  • The role of a Social Housing provider is to create better homes in better communities and to ensure that your residents have the house of tomorrow, today. That’s why we take a holistic approach to your project and look at the whole life cycle costs for any solution and how your residents will interact with their environment and technologies.

When collaborating with Housing Associations, Local Authorities and Registered Social Landlords, although the end result is important, we understand that it is the journey itself and the interaction with your residents and other stake holders that makes this process a success.