Heat Pumps


At One Planets Consultants Ltd, we have over 5 years’ experience of designing, installing and maintaining domestic and commercial heat pump systems, so you know that you are in good hands.

We repair and service Ground Source Heat Pumps and Air Source Heat Pumps. We are service partners for manufacturers such as Dimplex, Mitsubishi Ecodan’s, Pico Energy, Neura Heat Pumps and Bosch IVT. Our experience means that we are qualified to repair or service most makes and models of Ground and Air Source heat pumps.

Keep Your Heat Pump Running Efficiently

There are many reasons to have your heat pump serviced on a regular basis;

  • Avoid costly repairs
  • Check that the heat pump is running efficiently
  • Check the integrity of ground loops
  • Check the correct glycol mixture
  • Check the operational settings so that its running efficiently
  • Usually a requirement to maintain manufactures warranty
  • A recommendation under RHI by OFGEM to have your heat pump regularly serviced

Annual Servicing Includes

  • Check operation of unit and components
  • Check calibration of sensors
  • Test any safety devices
  • Clean any filters
  • Inspect pipework
  • Adjust settings to customers requirements
  • Check fluid levels
  • Check all electrical connections
  • Unvented hot water cylinder check
  • Check glycol levels
  • Report any failures or advise of potential issues

To arrange to have your heat pump serviced please use the ‘contact us’ form or give our offices a call to arrange an engineer visit.

If you were an Ice Energy Heat Pump customer and have any servicing requirements, incomplete installations or problems with your heat pump OPC will be happy to help.